A Kindergarten gets Hygiene Education and Soap in a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon


Distribution of soaps to Kindergarteners in Burj El Barajneh Camp, Beirut, Lebanon

We recently received photos back from an organization in Lebanon that distributed a SoapBox bar donation and fell in love with the kids in the photos! ANERA, or American Near East Refugee Aid, is a leading development organization improving the lives of Palestinian refugees and poor families in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. SoapBox was able to donate soap and support a hygiene education day at a kindergarten of Palestinian refugee kids living in Lebanon.


How did the giving work?

500 bars of soap were given (through your purchases!), but as you can see they don’t look like the bars of soap you buy from us on our website or in stores. This is because we always do our best to purchase soap through the local economy and marketplace. Why? This reduces carbon emissions by avoiding shipping bars of soap from the US all over the world and also supports the local community instead of undercutting it’s current economic structure. It also ensures that those receiving the soap are culturally comfortable with the way the soap feels, smells, and looks. Soap is a pretty personal item!


What did the kids think?

The kids each received a bar of soap and learned how to wash their hands so not one germ was left! We were told they did so with LOTS of energy! Mona, the kindergarten supervisor, said, “The look on a child’s face, when handling him a gift is priceless. The kids now have an understanding that a clean body is a healthy body.”
At the end of class, Riham, a 5 year old girl from Burj El Barajneh camp, rushed to her backpack and hid her soap bar. “I’m going to tease my little brother with it,” she said. But I’m sure they’ll share!

Learn more about the programs going on in Lebanon with Anera here http://www.anera.org/Locations/lebanon/

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  • Ashleigh Jones says:

    It’s so amazing to see how great this campaign is going and just projecting how much further you guys will go. It’s such an aspiring campaign because so many people are unaware of the disadvantages that some people and countries are undergoing. You guys and gals are amazing. God Bless and many positive wishes out for you all.

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