“Be Thankful For Soap And Clean Hands.”-SoapBox & Sundara

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Soapbox boy 2 Think back to your childhood. Were you on a soccer team? Did you ever jump into muddy puddles after a rainstorm, build sandcastles, or swim for hours in murky water at your cottage? We hope so. There’s also something you probably did after each of these activities that you’ve never stopped to give thanks to, something that has undoubtedly provided you with the life you live today. What are we referring to? —Hand washing. This one activity, medicine, lifesaver if you will, largely goes un-recognized and under appreciated for the power it holds.

Imagine if after every soccer game played or muddy puddle splashed through, you were never able to clean yourself with soap. This would eventually have a devastating impact on your health, your ability to go to school, and just might prevent you from reaching your next birthday. Why is this? Because without access to this basic form of medicine we so often take for granted, pneumonia and diarrhea become more than just a free doctor’s note to skip Monday’s Algebra test you didn’t study for. Without soap these preventable diseases can be 1000x worse than an Algebra Test—a reality facing so many children across the globe.

Tribal children using Sundara soap

Heartbreaking? Yes— Hopeless? Hardly.

While the task of bringing soap to millions of children may seem overwhelming to some, SoapBox Soap accepts this challenge and faces it head on each day. For this, Sundara would like to extend our utmost gratitude and appreciation to SoapBox for supporting our work in India, delivering tens of thousands of bars of soap to children in slums across Mumbai and rural villages in Maharashtra, while teaching about the importance of having clean hands.

As the season of giving thanks to all who we love and cherish is right around the corner, Sundara has one favour to ask of you. Please, take time this year to be thankful for soap and clean hands — do not let this invaluable privilege of yours go another day without receiving the praise and recognition it deserves.

Soapbox Brother and Sister

Guest Blogger- Michelle Fusco
Intern-India, Sundara




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