Gifts That Give Back Guide!

2014 Holiday Gifts That Give Back Guide

Working in the social mission industry has given us a chance to make some great friend companies. We love working with these organizations and wholeheartedly believe in their causes and products, so much so that we wanted to share them with you!

Check out their products below and try giving a gift that gives back this holiday season!


Everly Everly 


What is it? Everly is a natural powder packet drink mix. Colors, flavors, sweeteners – everything comes from the Earth. Everly fuses the flavors with functional nutrients, and put those blends into low-cost, low-waste powder packets that can be carried to the ends of the earth!

How does it give back? For every box of Everly sold, the team provides a packet of life-saving Oral Rehydration Salts to treat children sick with waterborne disease.

Who can I give it to? These are perfect stocking stuffers for the outdoorsy friend, that person you know who hates the taste of water, someone who is adventurous with their adult beverage mixers, and everyone else in between!


AloeTreeKids AloeTree Kids


What is it? Aloetree Kids makes joyful and modern products for little global citizens that are green and give back to help kids around the world! Aloetree offers baby and kids apparel now, with more adorable stuff to come!

How does it give back? For every item purchased, Aloetree will donate funds to a non-profit fighting child trafficking.

Who can I give it to? Do you have friends with babies or young kids, or even grandkids? These onesies, rompers, and tee shirts are a happy addition to any family, and even more perfect for parents who want their kids in green-friendly, as well as kid friendly, apparel.


 Boll&BranchBoll & Branch


What is it? The founders of Boll & Branch say it best: “Boll & Branch was created because every product we use has a story to tell. When we learned the story of our sheets, we were compelled to rewrite it. We’ve created a brand of fine linens and throws that are made ethically, from only organic materials and sold at revolutionary price points. We’re proud that our products look beautiful, feel amazing and tell a happy story. Because we believe that happy people make amazing things.”

How does it give back? Boll & Branch is working toward a revolution in the textiles industry. They stand for four things:

  1. No Child Labor. Ever.
  2. Only Organic
  3. Fair Trade Certified
  4. Every Purchase Helps- Each purchase donates to Not for Sale, an organization against modern-day slavery.

Who can I give it to? Boll & Branch has these FABULOUS organic cotton throw blankets. They just got a ton of new colors and, seriously, you feel like you are wrapped in your own personal cocoon. These blankets will be hard to give away once you get them in the mail, but they are great for the classiest of your friends. They also have all of the organic bedding supplies you need!


 OneHopeWineOne Hope Foundation


What is it? ONEHOPE is a social enterprise that integrates causes into products and services to make a social impact. ONEHOPE has quickly become one of the most recognizable cause brands due to the success of the cornerstone product, ONEHOPE Wine.

How does it give back? Produced in partnership with Rob Mondavi, Jr., their award winning portfolio makes an impact with every bottle sold by donating HALF of the profits to partner causes. Today, ONEHOPE consists of the following products and experiences: ONEHOPE WineONEHOPE Coffee & TeaHope at Home, and ONEHOPE Weddings.

Who can I give it to? Wine is a great hostess gift, and with the story behind this wine, you are sure leave a great impression on your host! Grab a couple of bottles to keep in your gift cabinet and you’ll never have to worry this season about those last minute gifting moments.


Roma Boots

Roma Boots


What is it? Roma Boots produces and sells sturdy, brightly-colored rain boots! Founder Samuel Bistrian was born in Romania and started the company to give back to his country.

How does it give back? For every pair of rain boots sold, a pair is given away in Easter European countries. These countries have cold, wet winters, so having a great pair of rain boots helps kids get to school when it’s tough weather.

Who can I give it to?These boots are super fun for high schooler’s and college students, but really anyone who lives in an area that has rain! They’re cute, happy, and give back,  and are perfect way to brighten someone’s rainy day.


 GiveBonesGive Bones


What is it? Givebones sells fun dog collars for doggies or every shape and size! More than that they are a charitable company committed to giving homeless dogs the life they deserve.

How does it give back? By selling dog collars, Givebones provides funding to animal shelters and rescue groups striving to help dogs in need. Ultimately, their goal is to generate awareness and financial support in hopes of reducing the amount of homeless dogs being euthanized every year.

Who can I give it to? Obviously to all of your dog lover friends, but anyone who cares about pets and animal shelters will find this company to be fabulous!



 Smile SquaredSmile Squared


What is it? SmileSquared sell toothbrushes, both cool bamboo toothbrushes and colorful plastic toothbrushes!

How does it give back? Founder Eric Cope explained, “We founded Smile Squared in hopes of giving children their smile back. Millions of children in the US and around the world lack access to basic oral healthcare – or even a simple toothbrush!  Our “Buy One, Give One” philosophy ensures your purchase has a direct impact. Anytime you buy a Smile Squared toothbrush, we’ll send one to a child in need. Together, we can take a small step for big change.”

Who can I give it to? These are great stocking stuffers too! You could even tie on one top of another gift as a little something extra!





What is it? PACT is obsessed with a big idea: super soft organic cotton that makes the world a better place. Socks with soul, altruistic underwear and other everyday essentials ethically manufactured with fabrics that feel good and go easy on the environment. Sounds good? Oh it is.

How does it give back? “PACT is a movement disguised as a clothing company. We are obsessed with a big idea: clothes that make the world a better place. But saving the planet costs money, so we decided to build a business to fund great causes. We started with something basic: socks with soul, altruistic underwear, and other everyday essentials made with fabrics that feel good and go easy on the environment.

The best part: with every purchase, you help PACT make a positive change in our world. Each season, PACT designs a new collection of clothing inspired by someone doing something good: whether it’s about clean water, sustainable food, or affordable housing—we stick to the basics. We invest in projects that create independence. We are solution-oriented. Optimistic. Community-based. And we make great underwear along the way. Our line of high quality, great value clothing is growing but it’s still the essentials–underwear, socks, graphic tees, with more to come. No matter what PACT does, we always stay true to our basic principles. Good design. Good fabric. Good cause.”

Who can I give it to? Socks can go in stockings, right? PACT also just launched hoodies, so anyone you know who lives to be really really comfy needs some socks and undies from PACT.




There are so many other great companies out there too, we just couldn’t list them all! Happy shopping this season, and be sure to check out SoapBox’s Gift That Gives Back holiday bundle for those smelly friends of yours too (-:




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