How is SoapBox Helping in the Ebola Efforts?

15321540051_3659ac395e_nSome of you may have been wondering, if SoapBox is a soap company that gives back to health and hygiene initiatives, how are they helping support the Ebola efforts abroad and here in the US? We were wondering the same thing, so we decided it was time to get down to business and do what we founded this company to be able to do, help.15324714525_3bbe003bd8_c

A few weeks ago we received a request for 5 million bars of soap. And while we couldn’t fulfill a request this large and it broke our hearts to understand that that that was the real amount needed, we did what we could do, and we HAVE been able to give about 20,000 bars through the organizations Convoy of Hope and Direct Relief. We will be sending another 6,000 bars in December to Direct Relief and hope to be able to give more as the holiday season comes.

Those donations are helping those abroad. Our Whole Foods Regional Giving Program is helping those here in the states.

Jessica D'Onofrio 5We recently were brought in to five new Whole Foods regions, namely the Northeast, Rocky Mountains, Florida, Southern Pacific, and Northern California regions. For every bar sold in each of these regions region, a large local food bank will receive a bar. This partnership was kicked off on October 15th with a 10,000 bar donation spread throughout six food banks. Check out coverage of the NYC drop here.

Giving this much, however, means that SoapBox has already donated double the number of soaps we’ve sold… and we want to keep on giving! If you’re interested in helping, you can purchase any of our products in store and online. We have a special Holiday Bundle on the website for the season that is a perfect gift for anyone on your list (and only $20).

When you buy SoapBox products, you are helping your family and another stay clean and safe, and when you give SoapBox products, you’re really giving double!


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