SoapBox’s Aid Partner VitaminAngels Is Working Hard in India

Did you know that for every SoapBox body wash bottle purchased, a year’s supply of vitamin supplements through VitaminAngels is donated? Vitmain Angels recently was called from India by the national government of Tripura for help because of a measles outbreak. Children who have weakened immune systems can die from a disease like measles that is easily treatable in the US.

VitaminAngels was able to transport life-saving Vitamin A doses to Tripura from another base in India, Tamil Nadu within a matter of hours of the call. As they explained in their update,


“ Dozens of text messages, courier services, and numerous flights later, the vitamin A labeled “Emergency: Lifesaving!”, was collected at the airport by government officials, who began work to coordinate its distribution to at-risk children throughout the region, thus protecting their health and potentially, their lives.“
Vitamin A distributed by VitaminAngels

Vitamin A distributed by VitaminAngels


SoapBox is proud to be a regular supporter of this great organization and we want to thank all of our customers for their support with each of their purchases.

To read more about VitaminAngels or donate to their cause, visit


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